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How IoT Keeps Mine Workers Breathing Underground

Illustration: © IoT For All Underground mines are large industrial operations and prime for IoT adoption, especially where safety is concerned. Mines are often in remote geographic locations. While an open-pit mine, even a large one, can be inspected by drones and other straightforward methods, underground mines are dark, complex, …

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Amplify.ai Partners with Messenger to Offer Pro Bono Resources for Government Health Organizations and UN Health Agencies

As the world battles COVID-19, Amplify.ai, a developer of one of the first enterprise-class AI-driven omni-channel messaging platforms, announces its partnership with Messenger to offer government health organizations and UN health agencies a critical and timely solution to disseminate factual information and engage with citizens at a superhuman scale. Given …

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Securing IIoT and IT Devices to Protect Operational Technology

Illustration: © IoT For All A new generation of connected Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices are helping businesses leverage the power of the internet for smarter operational technology (OT). Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are widely used to control industrial electromechanical processes for manufacturing and robotics, and increasingly online. In cities, connected …

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How Big Data and IoT Are Connected

Illustration: © IoT For All Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are inherently connected. In this article, you’ll receive a quality overview of how the relationship between the two functions. Big Data Big data as a term and a field, has been around for some time. It relates …

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Hardware Threats to an IoT Ecosystem

Illustration: © IoT For All An IoT ecosystem, like any biome on Earth, is constantly subjected to changes and threats at various scales. Whether the system is an asset tracking solution in a hospital to help deliver more effective healthcare or cold chain management ensuring temperature control during transportation, the hardware/sensor is …

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