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How AI and IoT Provide Value in Construction

Illustration: © IoT For All Internet of Things (IoT) sensors predominantly provide visibility to an operating stack – enabling access to real-time and accurate operational data. Laying analysis on top of that data produces dashboards and other visual representations but artificial intelligence (AI) extends this further by harnessing the data …

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“Smart Drilling” Technologies Could Boost Oilwell Productivity by up to 30% and Halve Construction Time: Report

Geosteering and other modern “smart drilling” software systems will help to increase oil well productivity by up to 30 per cent and to reduce construction times by half, while mitigating production and process risks, according to the Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider ZYFRA. ZYFRA has invested USD 9 million in acquiring …

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Implications of IoT Security in Construction Use Cases

Illustration: © IoT For All The security of IoT implementations continues to be the leading impediment to deploying IoT initiatives in the construction industry. In addition to a reliance on mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops, the construction industry is increasingly adopting new technologies like IoT to improve productivity, …

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IoT Applications in Construction

Illustration: © IoT For All The construction job site is now ripe for fundamental changes that enable productivity, safety, process improvement and new tools. The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing for the deployment of simple low power sensors that are able to communicate cost-effectively. As IoT continues to become …

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