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Is Paris the City of the Future?

Illustration: © IoT For All The first-time visitor to Paris is invariably astounded by the sheer size of the City of Lights. They will find the cobbled streets, the picturesque corners, the ancient architecture and the Haussmann boulevards they expect from films, novels and postcards, but these sites are all part of …

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Are IoT and cloud computing the future of data?

With an estimated 29 billion connected devices expected to be in operation by 2022 – and over 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices anticipated to be in use by 2025 worldwide – the Internet of Things is a major consideration for forward-thinking enterprises. The abundance of IoT devices currently …

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IoT and the Race for the Car of the Future

Illustration: © IoT For All When people think of the car of the future, they usually imagine something that drives (or even flies!) itself, but there’s much more to innovation in the automotive industry than just autonomy. According to Gartner, there will be more than 250 million connected vehicles on …

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The Role of AI in the Future of Business Intelligence

Illustration: © IoT For All Factories deploy AI to automate complex physical tasks requiring adaptability and agility. Marketers use AI to generate individualized recommendations and automatic order fulfillment. The list is virtually infinite. A host of services taken for granted today, from credit card fraud detection to email spam filters …

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What’s the Future of IoT?

Illustration: © IoT For All The question, “what’s the future of IoT?” is one I’ve asked myself many times in the years I’ve spent in the IoT industry. As someone working hard to build a successful IoT company, it’s my job to figure this out. Other questions I constantly ask …

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The future is connected and it’s on us to secure it

The Internet of Things is celebrating a milestone birthday this year, says Charles Eagan, CTO at BlackBerry. Back in 1999, British technologist Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things (IoT) while developing sensor and identification technologies at MIT. Today, as the now-ubiquitous term turns 20 years old, I can’t …

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