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Intertek Launches Cyber Assured, the First Cybersecurity Certification Program with Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring to Ensure Consumer IoT Products Are Safely Connected

With the rapid growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and greater connectivity between devices, vulnerabilities in new products are constantly emerging, posing a major challenge for companies As complex new cyber threats evolve, ensuring that a product remains secure over its entire lifetime has become of critical importance in …

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IoT Rising: From Static Products to Dynamic Services

Illustration: © IoT For All Companies are in the middle of a deep transformation. The rise of new technologies, such as blockchains, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT), unleashes exciting opportunities for business growth. Connected products are transforming the way people interact with objects and how they perceive …

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Podcast E032 | Enterprise IoT Connectivity Management | John Candish, Head of IoT Products at SAP Digital Interconnect

#IoTMakers | E032 Listen on Apple Podcast  |  Listen on Spotify  |  Listen on Google Podcasts On this IoT For All podcast episode, John Candish, Head of IoT Products at SAP Digital Interconnect explains what connectivity is and why it’s fundamental to enabling enterprises to become intelligent. John also discusses the relationship between …

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