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Cloud security guide issued for businesses

Storing information on the cloud makes a lot of sense for businesses in the tech industry. It provides them with flexibility, scalability and an affordable alternative to costly on-site infrastructure. However, as Katherine Palac, director of Marketing at Column Information Security says, just as shop owners wouldn’t dream of leaving …

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AI in IoT Security: Friend or Foe?

Illustration: © IoT For All There’s something that doesn’t let the Internet of Things (IoT) achieve its full awesomeness, and that something is security concerns. We all have heard blood-curdling stories about virtual assistants turned rogue and calling fake support numbers. Who hasn’t worried, sleepless at night, about some hoody-wearing …

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How to Ramp Up Your Smart Home and Lot Device Security

Illustration: © IoT For All The more internet-connected devices (e.g. smart locks, Alexa) you add to your home security network, the greater the chance a cybercriminal has to hack it.  The Internet of Things (loT) includes any device or appliance that connects to the internet through your home network. Cybercriminals …

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Five pillars of IoT security start with a root of trust

As the number of connected devices that make up IoT proliferate, Robin Duke-Woolley, the chief executive of Beecham Research, interviews Eric Heiser the head of services and business development, at u-blox to understand the importance of implementing security that addresses five vital pillars. Robin Duke-Woolley: A couple of years ago, …

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