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NanoLock Security and Adesto® Collaborate to Deliver Powerful Flash-to-Cloud Security for IoT Devices

Nitzanei Oz, Israel – February 19, 2020 – NanoLock Security, the market leader of flash-to-cloud protection for IoT and connected edge devices, announced it is joining with Adesto Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: IOTS) to collaborate on flash-based embedded security and management solutions for low-density flash memory devices used in products such as smart meters, …

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IoT security: What we can learn from recent threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises more flexibility and functionality for enterprises than ever before. More connected devices hold the promise of helping enterprises streamline supply chain operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs within existing processes, enhance product and service quality, and even create new products and services for customers. …

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MatchX Successfully Secures Two Patents, Ensuring Quick, Contactless Security and Patch Updates for IoT Sensors

MatchX successfully secures two patents, ensuring quick, contactless security and patch updates for IoT sensors. This discovery ensures vast savings, potentially ranging in the tens of millions of dollars per year for IoT companies. These patents, subsequently covering both the US and European markets (with China pending) simplifies a sophisticated …

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The Security Challenges of Industrial IoT

Illustration: © IoT For All The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast turning into an intrinsic part of the digital transformation for industries such as utilities, transportation or manufacturing. The market is expected to reach the value of $922.62 billion by 2025, becoming one of the biggest catalysts for new …

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Cloud security guide issued for businesses

Storing information on the cloud makes a lot of sense for businesses in the tech industry. It provides them with flexibility, scalability and an affordable alternative to costly on-site infrastructure. However, as Katherine Palac, director of Marketing at Column Information Security says, just as shop owners wouldn’t dream of leaving …

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AI in IoT Security: Friend or Foe?

Illustration: © IoT For All There’s something that doesn’t let the Internet of Things (IoT) achieve its full awesomeness, and that something is security concerns. We all have heard blood-curdling stories about virtual assistants turned rogue and calling fake support numbers. Who hasn’t worried, sleepless at night, about some hoody-wearing …

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